Some Summer Haikus

1. We’re never thirsty/
Enough for tapwater to taste/
Like the life it is/
2. “Sheee-whumped” by a wave/
Spontaneous gymnastics/
Not soon forgotten/

3. Undertow’s suction/
Held her like tentacles ’til/
Safety rescued her/

4. Beach, like soft dry tow’l,/
Reassured her, she could breathe/
In its sandy arms/

5. After the wave broke/
From the sea-foam’s white brocade/
His head rose, laughing/

6. Who’s the architect/
Of that perfectly curling/
Wave that carried me/

7. What is the azmuth*/
Of the perfectly broken/
Wave upon the shore/
*cosine, tangent

7.5. The great wave’s zenith/
Begins my own nadir ‘fore/
I know what’s occurred/

7.75. Sine, cosine, tangent/
Can all measure parts of waves/
But not fun’s metric/

8. Waves’ vaulted ceilings/
Last for but an instant, though/
G_d illustrates each/

9. Breakers’ treachery,/
Totally predictable,/
Still surprises us/


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