Self-Surveillance (Or Foucault Was Right)

There is no escape

Here I stand, alienated from self and time

Here are ten Haikus from my tweetstream from last night. It seemed so important to say this when I should have been living yesterday.  I guess I’m amazed at my sensitivity. I think I should be more grown-up.  Nonetheless a bitter, angry, bigoted old woman has allowed me to fuck up my day and night.  And, though I tried to have a more thoughtful response, all I was capable of was these hot spurts of self pity.

1. Called By old lady/
“‘Feriner’ without English”/
Cause of my brown skin(?)/

2. If you come home here/
This’ll be your dinner tonight/
Cold Korean soup/
3. It breaks my pink heart/
That unhappy people can/
Steal my happiness/

4. Though they steal my joy/
They do not seem happier/
Their anger won’t stop/
#haiku about 9 hours ago

5. The most valuable/
Real-estate in all New York/
Rests between our ears/
#haiku #thanks

6. The fifty-year-old/
That survives my awkward youth:/
Still easily hurt/
#haiku about 8 hours ago

7. Of course, I still want/
All the Accommodation,/
And face no demands/

8. The professor I/
Have become shouldn’t react/
To bigot’s baiting/

9. ‘Tis unfortunate/
That I carry enemies/
& keep my friends out/

10. “Wham!,” “Big Audio/
Dynamite” and the “Fine Young/
Cannibals” #England/
#1986 #haiku to revive the three Lions


2 responses to “Self-Surveillance (Or Foucault Was Right)

    “I know why the caged/
    Bird sings[:]” Just to stay alive/
    Until next #Juneteenth/
    #Haiku #mayaangelou

  2. @profgee –could you please set up a link to the photo for the first haiku? I copied it ( into my browser and it came up blank. BTW, did you snap a photo of the woman who made that comment?

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