Canvas Pin-Ups #Haikus

I love museums/
Even though they reinforce/
Bourgeois social norms/

Penthouse and playboy/
Inherit naked women/
From museum walls/

Museum walls have/
Women without many clothes/
Like “Mens” magazines/

Women’s nude pictures,/
Acceptable on canvas/
Are porn on paper/

“At the Museum/
With my teenage daughter, I/
Noticed lots of boobs/”


5 responses to “Canvas Pin-Ups #Haikus

  1. Hilarious! You should seriously consider a book of modern Marxist haiku.

  2. So I can’t login/
    To my wordpress account here/
    On my blackberry/

  3. The difference here
    Between artistic or porn…
    Facial expressions

  4. Prima facie looks/
    on the faces portrayed are/
    not observer matched/

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