New-Age Trayf//Hippie Haram

banana JUNIOR

“New-Age Un-Kosher”

New-Age Un-Kosher
Without the laws of Moses
Second-Hand Haram
Write your own Koran

Succumb to Affluenza
Gossiped prohibitions
Refusnik feeding habits
Bankcard dietitians

Health food fort apache
Tattooed sentry uses price
With piercling pride against
Simply hungry eaters
Who don’t reject cheap food.

(So this is too much of a laundry list and has no real story to it. I like some of the images, but I don’t seem to really have a “flow.”  I think I have to print it out and go someplace and write it out longhand.)


One response to “New-Age Trayf//Hippie Haram

  1. I’ll be interested to see how you refine it…I have to write it out longhand and then begin working with the word processor …saying it as I write to help me with flow and structure of the poem…it works for me…but probably not for most folks. 🙂

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