Three Days of Tweet #Haikus

I wanted to post three days of my #Haikus from Twitter formatted, edited and with links to the pictures.  Not only can I get them into columns, but there seems to be an extra space between each line, so this will be an unpleasant blog-post.  If you struggle though, thanks so much.  I am sorry I’ve been so derelict in my updating, but life is now. (HMMM, sounds like a Haiku)

I’m a stress farmer/

Growing prime anxiety/

I cultivate nerves/


I’m a stress farmer/

I grow prime anxiety/

Cultivating nerves/


Headline (#Haiku)

“Tea Party Avoids/

Divisive Social Issues”/

Like helping the poor/

I’m at the age of/

Elastic-stretch waste bands &/

Retelling stories/


Comic barbershop/

Makes me feel old now, sadly/

All comic books age/


I’m at the age of/

Elastic-stretch waste bands &/

Retelling stories/


“Contempt prior to/

Investigation” marks my/

Comments on this page/

#haiku #sorryItextedthat

History changes/

And makes the bold radical/

A redundant fop/


My ambition sleeps/

Curled up next to me today/

Waiting for regret/


Productive urges/

Are curled up here next to me/

On this damp Friday/


The First week of school/

low as a persian rug: floored/

and beaten like dog/


When 3 buses come/

All at one time after an/

Hour’s long rainy wait!/


Haikus: placeholders/

For longer contemplations/

Of the world I see/


“Grade” diagnostics/

And begin to really learn/

About the Future/


Racism: why I/

“Ain’t Reconstructed” The South/

In my Yankee Mind/


Hdln #haiku

“Dance Floor Rejection:/

Man Beats Woman n Bar/

Restroom” (St Pats’s Starts!)/

Chinese grave display-Woodside.

Display grave, chinese,/

Forgotten by concrete wall/

Under B.Q.E./


The Consumer sign/

is an archeology/

Of fleeting times gone/


track bikes are most zen/

the ratio spins the truth/

out of fixed-gear youth/



Andrew Dice Clay is/

Getting “long in the tooth” though/

He hasn’t lost “bite”/


Follicled halos/

Saturning the reddening/

Buzz-cut hipster heads/


Adjuncts are the “crack”/

CUNY is addicted/

To by Government/


My paranoia/

Doesn’t mean that nobody/

Is out to get me/


I told class today/

That they had to teach me Soc./

So I could learn it/


Jesus died for sins/

That humans made together/

In rare harmony/


*double consciousness time*

Even broken clocks/

Are correct twice each day/

I wait for my time/


Look for “the happy”\

in Consumer redemption\

Outside ideas\


I’m hanging ten toes/

over the precipice that/

lies beneath my board/

#haiku #surf

Seven train is stopped/

At 46th street making/

ME late for MY class/


(I made it on time)

There’s a point on Woodside ave/

Where the seven train and landing planes/

Disappear behind the same building/

#queens #poem

Arboreal Rat/

On a concrete wall looking/

At a Photo rat/


I’m a big Hater/

Of ev’rything that is new:/

(Searching for my youth)/


Headline (#haiku)

“Rush Limbaugh ‘races’/

to inject a racial joke/

about [blind Black man]”/

Headline (#Haiku)

(Unlikely Heroes Ed.)

“Leaders in House Block/

Earmarks to Corporations/”

Gravy-Train Derails!!!/

Headline (#haiku)

“More Messages Link/

Senator to Job Effort/”

Crook Politician/

Pierced cheek’s diamonds/

Look like the initial tears/

Of sacred wailing/


Pierced cheek’s diamonds/

Looked like the initial tears/

Of a precious cry/


Trying to maintain/

Gratitude’s good attitude/

In my humble life/


I’ve switched to @Profgee/

On my phone and I miss my/

@wQueens7 friends/


(any suggestions for twitter client on BBerry?)

Five:thirty A.M./

The Eastern sky lightens up/

Summer is coming/


Headline (#haiku)

“I Tickled Aide: That/

Was All, Massa Says” Smiling./

Aide is not talking/

G_d has blessed you twice/

Then gave you your family/

Now for the main course!/


(in response to Adoption completion of friend)

Santeria can’t/

With all its beads & feathers/

Rid the smell of booze/


(seen under El @ 43rd street)

The faint reflection/

I leave of the man I was/

Surprises the few/



4 responses to “Three Days of Tweet #Haikus

  1. I disagree with your “I’m a big hater” haiku—you seem to like all this new technology (or at least you use it well). Great post! 🙂

  2. Nostalgia is a form of obstructionism – Gloria Steinhem

    You have some broken image links on your postings. Check the html code.

    Love the haikus! Especially the one’s on gender & class.

  3. Also, if you want single spacing, hold down the shift key while hitting the return key.

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