Spring Ennui


Spring Structure View Lament

As I stand on the hillock behind my house looking over the gentle slope that rolls down to the stone wall that separates the cemetery from Woodside, I am filled with sadness because of the warm breezes that blow down the back of my neck. In the darkening sky I watch the empire state and Chrysler buildings jump to life I lament the warmth that I’ve been crying for all winter long; this the first winter of our puppy, Lucky. As the buildings get to full voltage on the horizon on the other side of the stone wall, graveyard and river the skies fall dark. Through denuded branches the empire state glows two flavors of pink in a spring cross-marketing promotion of breast cancer and brassieres. The Chrysler building arcs a bright deco-rococo filigree in the center of the mountain of Manhattan skyline. The brilliance of the verge of sky and city on that warming cold spring evening seen through the branches flogging the sky pulls at my heart. Soon the warmth will stimulate the branches and coax out the flush-lush green that will blot it all out. In a week, two, or a month I will stand above that brown stonewall topped with concertina wire and see nothing but trees and leaves. The obstruction will be celebrated far & wide. From the 7 Manhattan-ites will remark “how bucolic” it looks with all the trees & Tudor buildings. I will cringe thinking about all of the views the foliage has suffocated.
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The picture of the building is cracked
Irregular lines and shadows of lines
Scribble in every direction, track
Crossing out the columned stone station

Cops quickly passing a crenellated
Columned, staired stone castle
The cracks are crooked boughs
Of December trees, up and out gasping

Long branches reaching for sun long gone
Zig-zagged boughs couldn’t dodge trucks
Cracked and reversed lay bare winter pain
Now I can see how summer shade is struck


The spring brings out cover to hide
The old “house.” The green pollution smears
The leisurely passing of what’s inside
The strength of the skeleton structure

After Winter Falls

After Winter Falls
Through snakey black trees
A hard world emerges
Out the grey windows

Folks, kids, dads, and moms
Love and hate and pain
Streets of hOpetemism
The course of city life

Branches separate
Branches unify
People living out
City life as humans

Spring buds out green life
Tinting strong lines green
Blotting out the lives
That run past the windows

Buds to leaves become
Hinting at the branch
That holds leaves up, out
Over and along

Bulbous leaves foam out
Green from everywhere
Lush plush green of lies
Life of lives to hide


5 responses to “Spring Ennui

  1. You capture so eloquently and artistically the playfulness Nature invokes as we are teased by her yin/yang rollout of Spring. A time for deep thoughts, reflection and renewal ~ not always easy for the faint of heart. Warmth will soon offer the needed comfort.


  2. somewhat desolate

    lush plush yields pain, follows rain.

    thank you for your link

  3. Thanks lauren: great poetic response

  4. Hi my name is Rakhi from Queens Art Express. All that’s left to say after reading what you wrote is wowww… I love your writing. It’s very deep. It has a great sense of life itself. We all enjoyed reading it all.

    Please e-mail us at http://www.queensartexpress@gmail.com. You can also check us out at http://www.queensartexpress.com

    Rakhi S.

  5. I was born in Woodside and went to school at St. Sebastian’s. Recently I started genealogy research and found that my ancestors, John A. Kelly and his wife, Anna Maria Friedle, purchased 115 acres of land in what is today’s Woodside. In 1867 the heirs of John A. Kelly sold off plots to Benjamin Hitchcock. This was the begining of modern Woodside. The Kelly estate stood on what is today’s St. Sebastian’s parking lot. They sold the land to the church in 1895. I have two histories on the Long Island Genealogy website concerning the history of my family and the history of the Sackett/Kelly estate.

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