Five Days in Berkeley (Day 1)

Here is the chronicle of my five days in California After I submitted grades and a draft of my Powerpoint Paper to In-Transit.  These were written on my crackberry as facebook notes and updates as well as twitter-tweets.  Day One seems a bit cryptic, so I’ll embellish in bold.

Rockaways from Jet Blue 91

Rockaways from Jet Blue 91

Cali Day 1
Sunday, February 22, 2009 at 1:37am
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Day 1 in CA/
royal cafe for a familiar breakfast (our favorite breakfast place where the kids learned their restaurant manners and I love the cornmeal pancakes with poached or fried eggs); where we met Diane and were remembered by the staff (Diane was one of the staff workers and ex residents of University Village in Albany CA [we hashed over residual bigotry in Albany Schools and the architectural destruction of the village community])./
noon mtg: familiar faces and places
Books, chairs and views that are perfect/
Le Petit Cheval bun (vermincelli salad w/ fish sauce), pork chops, pork sandwich (Simply the best low-hassle Vietnamese food I’ve ever had: Le Cheval in Oakland is better, but more involved)/
smyth fernwald flashback (Chandler and Mason’s last daycare before public school) with Mary and Leslie we recounted three years in kids life (Fond memories of really good kids)/
dinner @ greg & chalon’s was so comfortable and affiming of our friendship (I am amazed at how close I feel to Greg, Chalon Sophia and Maya, they were one of the families who spent my 40th Birthday with me: damn fine people)/
chandler to sleepover with zoe, arnelle & meagan (sleepovers have unseen costs when tired kids return)


2 responses to “Five Days in Berkeley (Day 1)

  1. Oh, this is going to be comfort food for the senses, reading your detailed descriptions of places and people. And food and drink . Lovely. Thanks S.

  2. It was such a nice visit, though there were hidden stresses and unrealized revelations (redundant, I know).

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