California Vacation (Day 5)



Cali Day 5
Waiting for sunrise over the east-bay hills from the west berkeley tracks
Grumpy shape-up from “quiet please” motel tells us all that we’re ready to fly back home @ 1:30.

stack of Corn meal pancakes: poached eggs and applewood smoked bacon, currant scone with lemon cream and sourdough toast with scrambled eggs (extra toast & syrup because they’ve cut to 1/2 rations to keep prices low).

Royal cafe above solano: been going there since village days (where my daughters learned to like runny eggs).

The hit toy of the vacation, better even than the mood rings, is a series of multi colored blocks teathered with bungie elastic: insainly playable.

Burritos from Gordos Taqueria in Berkeley on jet blue gave me a twinge of missing cali that I felt when I’d enjoy my last slice of pizza before returning to grad school during breaks. The grilled chicken, guac, salsa picante & frijoles are somehow un-replicatable in nyc.

Driver’s licence has expired, but in spite of the fact that the airline noticed homeland security didn’t: I was spared the sanctimonious predations of finger wag

Insane jostling for overhead storage space: I’m resenting the later boarders who’re repacking the stuff above my seat: even though I can see down her shirt.

Manchester united vs. Inter Milan on jet-blue flight: good start to flight
Punchline: espn showed only the 1st 1/2

Back to nyc with a newly minted 14-yr-old daughter, more confident -look-’em-in-the-eyes- son, and happy 7-yr-old: bittersweet because of time change (amped kids on cali time).

Next Morning:
Retrieved Lucky-Limpy from the pound & she woke things 1 & 2 with happy licks & buzzing tail: sleep is strong with thing 3.


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