California Vacation (Day 4)

Cali Day 4
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The mesage on the tablets/
Was your ad here/
Space for rent/ (aplogies to the clash)

3rd street in Berkeley

3rd street in Berkeley

I wandered around the swank shopping precincts/
That erupted on 4th street like mushrooms/
As the flatlands were gentrified since 90/
Store after store & even a whole factory/
Building retrofit mall have died & dried/
The flouncy organic linen garments/
Hand-picked cotton dresses that hide/
Or camouflage curves and desire in plain/
Earthtone wrappers have blown/
Away in the recession and hard times/
Of necessities and rent leaving empty/
Architectural spaces with neatly lettered posters/
Prophetic tablets of our times before 1000 sq ft/
And the message on the tablets/
Was Space for rent/

The days roll out slow & finish quickly when you are on vacation in a motel with three kids.

too sick to scurry in his warren

too sick to scurry in his warren

Two hours on the berkeley marina (formerly known as the city dump). Watching the dogs run through the weeds in the rain by the bay. Across the icy waves occassionally pelted by rain showers that hung between san francisco and the east bay we watched the “ground squirrels” flit about the rocks and burrows. One didn’t run and sat shivering by its warren like rocky the guinea pig did before he died.

A quick trip to peet’s for hot cocoa after the rainy bay: it proved that thing 1 is lactose intolerant (it almost ruined chez panisse).

We took the kids -7, 12, & 14- to Chez Panisse for their first truly gourmet meals: it is never too early to start to develop refined palettes.

Avocado citrus salad with hot peppers: Roast chicken leg, garlic mash potatoes & broccoli: linguine with arugula pesto & sun dried tomatoes, and ricotta:
YeLlowtail jack with fennel pesto & artichoke hearts with two wound yukon jack potatoes & plain noodles with grated cheese: mandarins & dates: and surprise! Straicciatto ice cream with chocolate hazelnut compote (?).

banana JUNIOR

banana JUNIOR

Fentons for a birthday: coffee cookie dream, toasted almond, hot fudge & caramel, malted whip-cream & nuts & a cherry.

Dessert for a 14th birthday with another family that’s a good fit for us: simltaneously reviling and enjoying the rich excess of an old fashioned blue-collar ice cream joint.

According to my newly minted 14-year-old birthday wishes are the most powerful.


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  1. That coffee-cookie dream looks lovely!

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