California Vacation (Day 3)

dscn4322-smalldscn4337-smalldscn4321-small1dsc05555-smallcali day 3
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When are we meeting & where
I’ll have at least one groggy teen
Who’ll resent doing anything for
Either of the siblings, that means
Unless this one’s the star
There might be hell to pay

The only sound in the little motor court/
Was the broken blinking charged neon sign/
That bug-zap-buzzed itself to full-on orange/
In slow but determined sweeps of obi wan’s/
Charged light saber’s sounds so alien out here/
In the mission revival motel by the tracks/
Of the southern pacific by the bay flats/
Qui-i-i-i-i-et Please the sigh would say/
Through the clenched teeth of shock therapy/

Four hours spent with ivy & her dad,/
whom I miss more than when I left/
California when all was well with the world/
Reminds me of the greatness of friends:/
It restores my faith in my choice in friends/

Simple fare with a berkeley family/
The avocados and acme bread,/
An array of madarins and mangos/
Salami & smoked gouda with corn-nuts/

Remind us that the finest meal is/
Eaten with true friends and made of/
Simple elements in the spirit of the family we left behind/
Berkeley is on my mind/

Best thing about this year’s oscars? Watching it on the west coast so I can bag ZZZZs at a reasonable hour.

Dinner @ meaghan’s with her beautiful fam/
Plenty and happy nothing too glam/
A costco of roast & 2 costcos of that/
Broken anonymity opened that trap/


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