2 responses to “Hope

  1. This election is being billed as an historic election; I strongly believe that the only historic aspect of this election is choosing between two candidates that to say the least aren’t qualified. You have Mccain an old school politician with similar views to those of George W Bush. With the same agenda as all republicans, but its something we know. Everyone knows what republicans are about. Lower taxes for the rich, wars, cuts to health care and public aid. All this we know, in contrast to Barack Obama honestly what do we know about Mr. Obama except for those nice and uplifting speeches. What has he done what does he do? What is he about?. Sure he promises change. I’m all about change but my main question is how? How is Mr Obama going to make this change? Is he going to give a speech to Wall Street and all of a sudden stocks are going to go up. Is he going to give a speech to all the corrupt judicial system that incarcerates young Blacks and Hispanics unfairly, where justice goes to the highest bidder. Is he honestly going to change the fact the education system does not prepare children for the future. Is he going to give a speech to every politician that is corrupt and sells himself to highest bider. Above all these things how is a black politician not proud of who he is going to make change if his allegiance to who he is, is compromised. Mr. Obama wants the black vote but never once have I heard him say how proud he is of being a black man that has a strong possibility of being the U.S president. He evades his ethnicity by all means like every politician dodging and weaving as if being black is wrong. He keeps black people at arms left but still is all about getting their vote. Us minorities think because he is black he knows the issues that we got through that’s is so far from the truth. The fact of the matter is how does a man that grew up in Hawaii be aware of anything that the hood goes trough. How is a man that when he was the Illinois senator let the developer Resko do as he wills. Resko practically had the projects of Illinois in shambles, and guess whom he bought his home from. Yup that’s right Resko. So right now, as I debate with myself if I should vote or not. All I do know for a fact is that I think we are putting all our eggs in a basket that has a hole in the bottom. So who do I vote for George W McCain or Barry Obama.

  2. Просто замечательно – очень интересные мысли

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