Queens Dawn

Dawn in Queens

An iridescent landscape

Rips out of the night sky

Acute early sunlight

Polishes metal and glass

The sun, just over shoulder

And below the clouds

Fires smooth surfaces

On the merry-go-round of dawn

Now it’s the Seven Train

Or the N or the R

Soon it’ll be the glass box

A crafty architect sold

Across pre-dawn Queens

Shapes jump up and out

Glinting like precious ore

In a pan full of gravel

Quickly, it’s a cab window

Scurrying to Manhattan

Carrying bright rectangles

To early morning fares

Longer, stretches out the N

Slow motion meteor

Snaking to Astoria

Heavy steel bent light

Immobile, are glass buildings

Fifteen minutes of fame

Glowing brightly against

Low clouds and concrete

Originally Posted Here


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