Here is one of the poems I’ve been feverishly composing on my phone:

Belongings and Warnings

The gear in their lives has a strange impermanence.
Not because you get the feeling they can always replace it.
They can

They will

It is the whimsical attachment they forge
Between themselves and their things
That means less than nothing, less and less
Less than even the functions the things are made to perform
Bottled bottles and capped caps
That don’t carry water or cover heads

Splashed belongings of multiple values
Layers of colors, textures, depths and wealths
Parfaited in a life of conspicuous plenty
Serving functions that no longer exist

Then one day a rumor from a magazine
Picked up by a website too mighty to ignore
(Its offbeat the surfers control bricks of credit cards)
A local tv show repeats the warnings

A thirteen syllable polymer had been caught leaching
Out of twenty six of yogamagazine’s top ten products
In amounts traceable by 30 million dollar microscopes
In lab conditions reproducible on three of the outermost planets.

In their overstuffed home, layed out on chemical lawn
The layers of belongings, merge together
Under the unseen pressure of their belongings
Making extraction of particular elements hard

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2 responses to “

  1. Don’t take this the wrong way, but your poems are so much better than John Updike’s so-called verse. (This comparison prompted by that poem about the rich you sent around.) He should have just walked away. You shouldn’t ever give it up.

    What I don’t get with the nalgene is this–

    They are the go-to product for the hardest, inert laboratory plastic. (That’s first-hand knowledge.) After glass, nalgene. Want clean, get nalgene. So, about a year and a half ago I switched to nalgene sports bottles.

    OK–they’re #4 plastic–no leaching whatsoever, laboratory grade plastic. Iove ’em.

    So, I don’t get what’s up with the bottles.

    Love ya,


    P.S.–Do you have another doppelganger? I recall you had a doppleganger many years ago — people mistook you for him all the time, you had to keep saying you weren’t that guy. You remember. Then you met him. But that’s your tale to tell.

    Is Queensrocks like that? Your doppelganger-bis. The symmetries are disorienting.

  2. I saw some aluminum bottles at EMS or somesuch. They were sexy in that hiking store way. I’m not sure we can buy our way out of the overconsumption that is going on, so I’m going to keep messing with the pthalates and diethylhexyls in my old bike waterbottles. I’m teaching Shapiro’s Exposed and if I were a more prudent man I’d be scared, but Tenure has me at wits end, what can plastics do to me?

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