Stockhom Syndrome and the ACT Prep Intensive


My class takes the ACT today and I feel like the Stockholm Syndrome is reaching critical; I’ll miss them, but I’m glad the cops are coming to free us all from each other. I have one student who has been handing in incomplete practice exams all through the class. If she would a) stop writing the perfect seven sentence intro and b) start with and stick to an outline she’d be through much more quickly and efficiently. There are another couple of students who have such amazing words and language problems that correcting them all puts more of my writing on the page than theirs. I want to use the fact that they originally spoke languages other than English as an excuse, but they are actually caught at a more profound level since they both speak English better than they write it. I’m not sure what it is about writing that makes them “write” (scrawl, scribble, or “tag”) convoluted words that they would never utter. There are, of course, the students whom I can’t imagine why they didn’t pass the damn test. I feel a special twinge of sadness for them because had they learned the tricks of the ACT they’d have passed easily, but they probably thought about the question outside of the (training wheel) ACT paradigm and were punished for writing a thoughtful and balanced essay. There we are, all locked in the vault together. But just for today. Just for one more day.


4 responses to “Stockhom Syndrome and the ACT Prep Intensive

  1. Wow the blackboard reminds me of the cluster last spring lol

  2. Well I hadn’t snapped a picture of the board from this class. I’m sure I felt trapped in the cluster also. I’ve got to say, I love LaGuardia students.

  3. They love you, too.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog a few weeks ago. I enjoy reading your insightful entries. Your students are fortunate to have a dedicated teacher. Oh and your kids are cute. 🙂

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