Santa’s in Rehab


Santa’s in Rehab

Reindeer out in the paddock:
Every elf is laid off,
Cookies, milk, curdle and pile up.
The kids’ll all feel this loss.

The toy-stores are failing,
Some jewelers close too,
The churches sell meaning
But Kris Kringle is blue

Locked in a rehab
And shut away tight
Santa is kicking
Those years he was high

The kids understand, some.
The can forgive him this once.
Adults have all screwed up
Once, some a couple of twice

Fluids, a blanket and headache:
The shades are all drawn tight.
Years of jollity: all faked.
Mrs. Clause visited twice.

In therapy and the day room
Counselors light jittery smokes
In slippers and paper robes
“Wonderful Life” is a joke

Twenty-eight days later
The elves are called back
The red suit is much looser
But hope is starting to stack

He ramps up the production,
He trains the old reindeer,
Twelve hours off then twelve hours on
Milk and cookies replace beer

The North Pole is humming
Shiny-cuddly toys pile up
Rudolf does wind sprints
While elves fill up trucks (what can brown do for you?)

Year in, year out, it was a job:
Presents all over the globe
Duck La Migra and NoRAD
It all seemed such a job

The new true love is all back
It had been flushed by the hooch
The dreamer dreams new dream tracks
This lover loves life’s simple gift.

Santa skipped one Christmas
Was it oh-two or oh-four?
Rehab was god’s best new gift
Santa wasn’t happy before

Now the gifts all come again
Shrink-wrapped like a glove
And though Santa’s a bit thin
The new gifts are plain-old-love.

The season has meaning
The gift of rebirth’s back
The days all get longer
And fill up like Santa’s sack


2 responses to “Santa’s in Rehab

  1. Hi… just found your blog and like what you’re doing here… keep up the good work and visit mine when you have a chance…


  2. Hey “RiPgate” Keep coming back.

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