Paella Risotto

With all of the turmoil that reminds me of Cali I remember the yummy meals we all used to share. I wish I could have Julie’s Albondigas for Dia De Los Muertos or Javier’s Tortilla
(always cooked to perfection) or Sean and Naemi’s Japanese Cole Slaw and Potato salad, or just another day with everyone.


Paella Risotto ala Stafford

2 Cups Rice

6-8 Cups Simmering Broth

Sausage (Not Much)

2 Cups Chicken boned and cubed



Red Pepper

Vegetable (Asparagus, or Green Beans, or Okra, or whatever)

Shrimp (or Fish)


Prep (chop, wash and thaw) all vegetables, meat, shrimp (& fish) and anything else you want to add. Have them ready in separate bowls because once you start you have to keep stirring until the dish is done.


Sauté Sausage and remove (I put the sausage on a paper towel to remove the extra grease)


Sauté Onions, garlic and Red (& Green) Peppers in sausage fat


Mix in two cups of rice and sauté on low for a few minutes (not long)


Either add enough broth and start sautéing or cut off the heat until all the ingredients are prepped


Once you start to sauté you must keep mixing the rice, onions, pepper and garlic.

Keep stirring

Slowly continue to add broth as the rice absorbs it

Keep stirring

As the rice plumps up keep tasting it

Keep stirring

Add the chicken after about five minutes

Keep stirring

When it is close to cooked, (keep tasting) add the shrimp (&/or fish)

Keep stirring

When it is closer to cooked, (keep tasting) add the veggies and sausages

Keep stirring

In the three to five minutes that it takes to cook the shrimp and veggies get everyone to the table and ask the kids to wash their hands.

Serve hot.


I like to serve it with some onion and garlic relish. When I have beans, I garnish it with them too.




9 responses to “Paella Risotto

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  2. We didn’t celebrate Dia de los Muertos this year. My excuse was that I couldn’t find the right spices to make my Dad’s favorites. The truth is that Amir’s recent death is just too new and too raw and I just couldn’t bear to see his lovely, smiling face on my ofrenda …..

  3. Stafford,

    I can’t wait to try this and bring back wonderful memories of the East Bay shimmering in radiant sunshine but without heat as the marine layer influenced the day. Utter perfection ocassionally!

    Miss you all. Can’t wait to cook this. Missing everything.

    Oh, am about to have a two-level fusion surgery on Wednesday the 14th. In my Cervical Spine. Should be o.k. And should get me back to “normal” pain levels.

    The joys of sobriety. And the gifts because god knows I wouldn’t have had medical insurance previously.

    Best to Linda and the kidlets!

    James and Christina

  4. I wish I had the time to eat a meal (dia de los muertos or otherwise) with each of you.

  5. MMMM looks good, wow what i’d give for a courtyard pot luck. Ethan would get marinading ready for the grill.

  6. oh, this looks delicious!! must try asap.

    xxoo to you, linda & the kids!

  7. We’ve survived Mason’s Birthday and now we’re preparing for our move. Everything makes us miss our friends. It was delicious, I’ll try to replicate it soon.

  8. Hey Stafford,

    Javier made a paella tonight! This was a really good one …. he was helped by a 13-year old cricket playing, harry potter reading, son of one of his friends from work ,who really delighted in the whole thing…so great to pass on the love of cooking (and eating) to the kids!

    I think I need to go heat up some leftovers….

  9. Next time I attempt a paella, I’ll give this one a whirl. Maybe I’ll let you know beforehand, and you and Linda can chant on my behalf at the appointed hour…
    Miss you guys too. Gotta start looking at tickets. The kids ask me every week if we’re still going out there…I say of course of course.

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