Bike Racing Team


Here’s the latest installment of Kiko’s Tale, because I haven’t posted anything in a while. He’s back, our hombre duro de las bicilcletas, aand he’s going to peek into another world today. More observations of work in NYC, and not the kind for people who go to college. There is some recreation here too, and the kind for the Manhattan-Types. There’s more the pipeline, though if I don’t start getting some feedback (It’s hard to keep going without hits and feedback, of course it is possible that it sucks.)

And of course, if you want to start from the beginning, go here.

The team of a certain Manhattan Bike shop, with their matching Blue and Gold kits that had passed them with a series of smirks eight faces long on the way out of the city had to work harder than they ever had to catch them on the way back across the golf course at the border of Queens. They figured it was ‘cause they were tired, in need of nourishment in the form of the food-like-stuff the team provided in little bottles and foil packets. They had no idea that this was the raw debut of something new in cycling, this was Kiko, unleashed.

Team Manhattan, the Blue and Gold Line, did catch them after about a mile of perfect drafting and flawless transitions of the lead. It was actually, were you there to watch, a superior act of teamwork: they looked like an iridescent blue and gold zipper with each rider taking his turn until he was completely shot and then falling back and catching onto the end of the line in perfect time and harmony. They had never, even I the race out at the old air strip Floyd Bennett Field where the exposure to the wind made teamwork paramount in their victory, worked so well together. At that race it was enough to clearly, convincingly, win, out here in their weekly “leave Manhattan” practice it was barely enough to reel in a guy in commercial togs and one in jeans. Had Marcal, the captain, thought to ask them to join it would have been a coup, instead their smirks just rode back to where Kiko had left the bike with the basket locked up.

2 responses to “Bike Racing Team

  1. Stafford, please keep us rolling with Kiko. You’re giving us more insights into lives that we don’t know. Though they might seem commonplace to those in the know, to others of us the thoughts and experiences of this young person are different and valuable. ¡ Mucho mas, por favor! (cuando tienes tiempo y energia)

  2. Thanks Frank, I’ve been so swamped with teaching that I wasn’t able to post anymore of my contemporary writing (I HAVE NO TIME), so I went back to the archives. Yours are among the very few encouraging words (though a few, it seems, do read the story). I’ll make a point of posting more.

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