Funky Smell


We, Linda and I,  woke over and over again two nights ago because there was an awful smell in our apartment.  We thought that maybe one of the neighbors had killed the other and was stewing the remains in the bathtub.  Turns out our fridge’s compressor was broken and was emitting the smell.  Lennox drew the picture above.


3 responses to “Funky Smell

  1. It is heartening to hear that your first thought about a funky smell was of murder and dead body soup.

    Lovely pic of the funk.

  2. i like how you kept falling back asleep (then waking again) DESPITE believing it was a neighbor making dead body soup. 🙂 now that’s equanimity.

  3. I’ve lived with this “Henny Penny” imagination of mine for 47 years: life is rarely as dramatic as I dream.

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