Quickly Kids


Chandler at 12, 2 years out of Cali, took the subway to and from 7th grade herself today. She and Aneka were escorted to the subway by Aneka’s Hijabed mom, who had decided that nothing eventful was going to happen on the way to or from school to our talented daughters. The last couple of times is was my turn to escort them I was little more than an afterthought. They spent the whole time on the way to school discussing the layers of the atmosphere for a science test. They know the way and they never looked back for me, assuming I’d be alright. Chandler reported that on the way back they had fun, buying icees and talking with their friends on the N or W and 7 all the way home.


Lennox (5) is writing lots of letters, cards and books to my dad, whose birthday just passed. The image is of one of her ice cream cone calculations (how many scoops, how many flavors and how high it would be, etc.). Kindergarten seems to agree with this little scholar.


Mason’s soccer team, which I coach, is 3 and 0, and Mason is tied for the team lead with 6 goals. This week was a bye-week and I actually missed schlepping out to Greenpoint for the Tuesday night practice. We’ve got to work on “running off the ball.” In the last game one of Mason’s goals was particularly nice. He got the ball with a defender right on him about 2o’ from the goal. He pulled it back and to the right to get a shot around the defender and nailed it to the far side of the goal (passed the goalie who was out of position).

We are all good, and I miss all of you.


5 responses to “Quickly Kids

  1. I was struck by how mature Chandler seems.
    In your photos of her, Stafford, no matter her age and nor her activity, she also seems rather poised, despite her youth. But in the one above, with her peer, the difference between the two is staggering.

    Never mind the fact the Chandler, both on film and in person is a strikingly beautiful child. She is well spoken, composed, charming and obviously intelligent. But beyond that, she is in fully in possession of herself. Her presence is what people of a different generation would call an “old soul.”

    Such a force of presence has your child that in your photo, she ‘feels’ older than the child next to her. She has this feeling, too in the photos of the other children. I thought it the authoritative air that one exudes in the presence of younger siblings, a protective maturation.

    But no, it is Chandler.

  2. Lovely, healthy and normal is challenging also.

  3. Which one is Aneka and which one is Chandler? I don’t see the dramatic superiority and “staggering difference” of one over the other that Jaymeesd seems to be refering to. Jeez Louise, Jaymeesd — come off it!

  4. teaching kids the beautiful game… raise them young while we might not take over football (american), baseball, and basketball anytime soon it’s good to take even one kid away from the other sports as much as i like the other 3 (really i do) the game of soccer is closer then and of the 3… must be a european thing.

  5. While I love beisbol, (American) football always struck me as a sport to teach people when you didn’t get to them young. Hockey, basketball, Football, (Soccer) baseball and curling have to be learned early and practiced a long time to master. They’ve won twice more though the aggressive eastern european kid has run away with the lead in goals, though he hangs about the goal like a painted lady on a street-corner waiting for action.

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