Here is the space that we will move into. In order to move here we have to fit a certain number of criteria (like the ACT, guys), live in New York, have three kids of two genders and not earn too much money. Mitchell Lama has enough rules for a politburo standing committee or the Republican Platform Committee, and one of them is a home inspection. We are to be inspected today between 1 and 4 in our current home.


Since we are completely legitimate, I’m not worried. I am so glad that L—- is the queen of all forms and documents and we are all set on that count. If it were up to me we’d be in trouble.


The idea of being inspected is a lot like the tribulations that they put people through in order to live in New York Public Housing (back in the day?). This is intrusive, but in order to move into this beautiful subsidized HUGE apartment we’re willing to suffer some (foucauldian?) surveillance. The inspector will be here today. I’ll let you know how it works out.


3 responses to “Surveillance

  1. NYPH… as a professor? Well shoot I wish we could get subsidized housing.

  2. Not Quite NYCHA, but there used to be subsidized housing to keep the middle class in NYC. Sigh, it seems that they only wanted the middle class who fought in WWII.

  3. Well….how did the inspection go?

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