Back to the Grind

Zoned for God

OK, so here is where I’m at with the classes right now. Things are happening so quickly that I can’t really put them all here, but I wanted any students to know that I’m grinding away with them on the readings (and grading).

The kids who live with me are great (Lennox didn’t even turn to look when she went into school, Mason’s Soccer team is doing well (W. 7-2 first game), and Chandler is taking care of business (even getting out of bed with out a fight).

9/19/2007 5:53 AM

Quickly: I read the Wheatley packet I put together and I actually like the poems this time. I remember reading them for orals in grad school and thinking that this was just a bump on the road to my destination. When I read them in college I found them long, dull and overly complex (“what was she trying to prove, and to whom?”). This time I found lots of great couplets and some interesting ironies. First the couplet I liked the most:

To-day, o hearken, nor folly mourn

For time misspent, that never will return


Say, what is sleep? And dreams how passing strange!

When action ceases and ideas range

Both of these poems from “Thoughts on the Works of Providence” sang to me and I wish that I had written a book that I could use these as epigrams for.

Batman is going well and I had a really good class going over the ACT exam in my 101C. I am cautiously optimistic about the students who are in the class passing in the exam given on the week of the 15th (my brother’s birthday week). Once they pass we will be able to work on the research paper in that extra hour. I am excited. My observation about Batman: The Dark Knight Returns today is that whenever the TV shaped panels come on people say stupid things. I am really conscious of how Miller imagined the Punk Aesthetic being mainstreamed in the newscasters (and Mutants too, interesting twinning device, hurm).

We’ve been working on “The Message” in my ENG101 and instead of having them write a critical paper on “The Message” I’m having them write a paper where they imagine themselves within the poem. They can talk to characters or they can be characters. They did a free write after taking the poem home and doing some preliminary work on it by answering some guide questions. The responses that I saw were really cool. I especially like the student who will have the rat discourse with the roaches, the homeless lady and the miscreants who are “pissing in the stairs, you know they just don’t care.” One student is going to have the suicide victim from the end of the poem come back and speak to the “son.” This will be a ghost story! How cool is that. C. wrote about a page and a half about being a tough guy and having to live the life described in the poem using Nas lyrics. Intertextuality: How cool is that?


2 responses to “Back to the Grind

  1. hey professor how are you? hey how come we didnt get to read batman?, that’s not fair anyways professor take care and see you around campus

  2. Dang George, I’m busted! Here’s the problem, you have to choose new books every semester, and the more you vary things the more work there is. Batman is turning into a bear, and many of the students don’t appreciate graphic novels, ahem, comic books. It is a lonely world that doesn’t appreciate my (the) good things.

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