Early 60s Reunion


(Some of) The Old Gang and Our Progeny

OH Yeah, Check out Terry and Diana

8/19/2007 7:18 AM

Yesterday I went to Diana Turner’s 70th Birthday Party. I saw Athena, Terry and Todd, her children, and my buddies from the early 1960s. Scott and I took our brood over on the ferry to Staten Island and had a grand old time getting there and seeing everyone and their children. I won’t go on and on naming names and cataloging deeds (the former I don’t think I could do, the latter would be dull), but I will say that Athena’s youngest and Todd’s girls made a nice pack with the Brooklyn and Queens Gregoires, running about eating, making mischief and throwing water-balloons (yes, they were separate).

For some reason the fair (fishing game, balloon popping, ball toss, water balloons, and geometric guessing game), that we brought in an Outback Bag was the incentive for Chandler, Mason and Lennox to venture to Staten Island, so the Queens Gregoires had a central role in the formation of the pack. When Mason woke up yesterday I talked him into finishing the fishing game he had half-created using a magnet off of the fridge. As the girls woke up they came up with different games, all of which had to be brought to Diana’s party.

This kept them out of Scott and Stafford’s hair for most of the afternoon so that we could reminisce about the summer that we whacked the hornet nest (Lee-Lee got stung), I cut my foot on a can and Diana carried me home, when my parents went to Woodstock and we all stayed at Adam Shepherd’s house by the pond, Tina, Terry and Todd’s dad took us out hunting rabbits in the cool morning before any of the mothers woke up (we made bows and arrows from twigs and kite string [the original snipe hunt, which made Roland Turner my hero and role model as a father]).

Bernice was there without her kids, though the stories of Lee, Jackie and Marc filled our hearts. Bernice took the ferry home with us and we almost tried to go to Jackie’s Chocolate Fountain. We came to our senses and just junk-fooded the kids before our hour long subway ride home. I hope that I have the time to add more to this account of the day, but I want to connect to all of the people whom I got back in contact with yesterday.

This Just In: Lee just sent me a nice letter and told me about his cool new business/endeavor/calling: http://www.uniteedesign.com/.  Check it out!


One response to “Early 60s Reunion

  1. Merry Christmas/Stafford & Family,
    So happy that you enjoyed my 70th BASH!
    I am presently at Athena’s and have gorged myself royally on her sumptous cooking!

    CONGRATULATIONS! on your move…don’t feel badly/change is always difficult. GOOD LUCK! I still have to write your Mom and send pictures. LOVE YA! Diana

    Stafford, got my mom to get on the computer to see the pictures. Love to all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Athena

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