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8/11/2007 7:17 AM

Zoned for God

(This is a collage of some of the houses of worship in my hood, when I could run I ran past all of these)

I finished Rosario Tijeras, and started reading the book Killing Pablo about the US government assassination of Pablo Escobar. I remember liking the first half of the book that introduced Pablo Escobar, flawed human, failure, and eventual drug baron.

I finished Harry Potter the Seventh. I think that that with the summer class I’ve been teaching Contemporary Black Literature (ENG269) ending, will mean that I have more time. Finishing the Potter book leaves a gap in my life. There is a big bright hole that was filled with a good book, and now will be sucked back into my usual negocios seculares (tv, cooking, etc).   I haven’t been writing here or thinking about my life and goals, I’ve just been holed up watching the war between good and evil in the Harry Potter land of make believe. Though it reminds me of how much I like reading (and Harry Potter), the book was like dessert before dinner, it is a fun read, but I miss having a pencil handy to make marginalia in preparation for wriing about it. Of course I have to be careful not to spoil the ending for anyone else coming down the pike, so we who have finished it have a sort of secret society, one where once we’ve established that we are both “completers of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” we can converse upon the arcane knowledge of the book, the series, and the new information therein.

I have been playing with Kiko’s story a fair piece, perhaps inspired by a good Novel. I’ve got to start making more things happen and have less texture and color. I have him meeting the guy who will bring Kiko to racing, but I need to get him into a race (informal) and then actual. The trick is that soon Kiko will be winning, and I hope that this offers more momentum, because I think I’ve been bogged down recently.

One of my oldest and dearest friends in the world left a message on one of my photos on my other blog yesterday. I’ve got to write her a letter, call her and maybe visit her this summer. Last summer we went to Fire Island, and the summers I spent with Leisa are among my fondest memories. I love Leisa like very few other people in the world, which is an empty boast because I rarely call her. I want to spend more time being a friend and less on this computer, internet, TV and in books (I can’t short the kids at all).


2 responses to “Blog My Life

  1. amazing…that as a parent you (or i) would ever have time to complete a 700+ page book. wow.

  2. It’s reignited my love of reading for reading sake and I’ve finished a book I started a year ago, Rosario Tijeras about a Colombian woman assassin and I’m rearing through anotherKilling Pablo about the US goverment’s war with Pablo Escobar in the 80s and 90s. God I love to read.

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