Kiko and Kevin


7/31/2007 6:26 AMI played soccer with Mason yesterday morning (and the day before) and twisted my ankle really badly. I was OK yesterday, with a brace, but this morning it really hurts. I hope that I don’t have to go visit the doctor about this.

Here’s the latest installment of Kiko’s Tale, and he’s back. I’m self conscious about dialog, and I’m trying broken English, so let me know if it sounds too much like a minstrel show. There’s more the pipeline, though if I don’t start getting some feedback (It’s hard to keep going without hits and feedback, of course it is possible that it sucks.)

And of course, if you want to start from the beginning, go here.

“Señora Choi, she like watch me like I bad movie,” he continued, “everything need fix. But she happy to see me go. Bring out food, carry dollar back.” Thinking, Kiko continued “I like go, I like outside, I like ride, I like Señora Choi no watch me, no fix me, and I like tips.”

They both smiled in secret agreement of the importance of both getting out of the bosses sight and earning money that was their own: “I like tips I no share,” Kevin said explaining how he was expected to pool his tips with the other cooks while the waiters only gave them 5% of the real money.

“I like tips” Kiko agreed, thinking more kindly of Señora Choi, since she just let him keep his.

Kevin, as they told each other where they worked and got back on their bikes asked Kiko if “You evah see bike race? Fast. Many-many ride bikes close-close fast-fast. Tight-bright-picture-writing-clothes! Funny clothes.”

And Kiko thought of the man on the bridge that morning. On his way back to the shop, where there were two more lunches packed up tightly in brown paper bags by Santiago waiting to go out, he became more aware of riding. He thought about how he rode, which way he went down an avenue, when he shifted gears, how he leaned and turned. He thought about riding as an activity for the first time and was a bit more aware of his pleasure as he rode. And of course he was happy to be the one who did all of the deliveries where he worked, and to protect that he had to keep moving. He came back and got the two deliveries and went to the Fire Station on Murray Street and the office up on Duane and Broadway where he had to sign in.


5 responses to “Kiko and Kevin

  1. hello there prof.
    like i wrote i found the blog again… i’ve been trying to set my mind to writing in one, so i guess here it is.

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment, and of course reading too. I am having trouble staying focused this summer and twisting my ankle the other day has definitely “harshed my buzz” in terms of lots of things.

    I think this is getting too bogged down in detail (because I love to write) and the story needs to move along without the freight of the minutiae.

  3. Hi Stafford,

    So selfish, enjoying Kiko’s adventures and not even leaving a comment. I’m terrible.

    I’ve been reading, Friday, I caught up on the installments I missed.

    I think you have something here 🙂

    I can understand what you mean by the munutiae of detail but what I am enjoying is the visual of this story, I can see it closely and the detail is building the stage. It changes the story from “bike story” (which is enough for me) to a bike story inside a geographical of the city. Excellent. In that I mean that for those not particularly interested in bikes as recreation or transport can’t help but appreciate your love of the city and the passion there. Without fail who does read this little beauty, will go the garage and dust of the old two wheeler– Mother nature and I salute you

    Hope your ankle feels better.


    yes, even the all mighty stan has a blog now.

  5. Thanks for the props Lady L and the URL Mighty Stan. I’m all over it.

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