Summertime in Manhattan (and University Village Remembered)

New Photos:ferris-wheel-times-sq-family.jpgferris-wheel-times-sq-family.jpg


Friday we went to see the Simpson’s Movie with ‘Neene and then went to La Caridad (Cuban-Chinese) for lunch. After that we walked up to Uncle Louie G’s for Ices and then went off to River Run park. It took Chandler and Mason, who are getting a little old for sprinkler parks, about an hour to get into the spirit of the thing, but the kids (without getting soaked [there’s that age reserve] ) had a grand time by the time we left.


Linda, because we were having a nice time in Manhattan, was looking for something else for us to do and thought of Mars 2112 on the northern reaches of Times Sq. So we walked the 30+ blocks down there and went in and had dinner. You have to enter on a wormhole time squashing ride to Mars, which the kids absolutely loved. The dinner was predictably bad, but they loved meeting the giant stuffies that live on Mars, and the décor (cave) and the theme (outer-space).

I’d have thought Chandler and Mason were too old, so perhaps it was good we stretched out the day to go there this year. They were kids having the time of their life. Next Linda suggested (because a good day should never end) the Ferris Wheel in the home of the Evil Giraffe (Toys-R-Us). Mercifully the ride only took four so I got to stalk them with the film camera (I sent the digital out for service) and again they hit gold when they got the Barbie-car on the Toys-R-Us Ferris Wheel. I joked when they got off that I had to pay a bribe for the Barbie car, and that I wanted them to have the little tikes toy car like we had in the courtyard in University Village.


Seeing the giant version of it brought back memories of when the kids were little and when they got older and could climb up over it and use it for a stepping stone to climb the trees in the courtyard. Man, those Little Tikes toys last. It was a major siege of Manhattan, and I wish that those people who populated the buildings 76-77-78 courtyard of Albany Village could all have been there with us, spending just one more day together.


8 responses to “Summertime in Manhattan (and University Village Remembered)

  1. There are a lot of things that last from the courtyard, least of all toys. Wish you could have been at Tilden in May. Next time?

  2. It’s funny because as I skulked around the evil giraffe with my primitive chemical camera the gia-normous little tikes car floating in a circle reminded me of then, and there, which we all miss terribly; though it can only live as a memory.

  3. The memories of the courtyard of Albany Village are always so special. Although me, Inji and the boys spent time in many places and differnt people outside and inside of the US but nothing to be compared to the people of this particular courtyard. The kids had a lot of fun and every time I see them gettig older I wonder how the other kids of the courtyard have become. We are happy to be back and to see the courtyard friends. I wish the connection and the strong bonds stay forever.

  4. I saw pictures of you and your precious family from when Linda and the kid went to Cali this summer. How time passes. With luck we’ll all stay in touch and share futures.

  5. Inji El Ghannam

    Yeah, this is one of the few times in our lives (my family & I) that we really felt the power of love, kindness, respect and true friendship. Although this wonderful place that we all shared together to create those memories is gone, we still have each other to cherish forever. You guys are the best!!!!

  6. Hey Villagers, Comrades and DEAR friends,
    We brought our pool to San Diego — you know the kind that we would destroy in a day in the courtyard and then duct-tape it up to use it for the rest of the summer and then some? It wasn’t the same without Bobo and Cha-Cha and the water slide and the RAs hooking us up with the hot-tub water and the smell of a BBQ and some good chilling out. Please come and visit us in San Diego. Instead of the pool I will take you to some really nice beaches!


    I am asking everyone to consider a story and photos to send to us for the book we will self publish here…The World in One Village. This life is an inspiration, something to carry forward, and to share. Much love and many memories, and please come visit!!!

  8. Cristina Molteni

    Although the courtyard is gone, its spirit lives with us.
    Miss you guys!

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