Two Borough Tour

Not much time today to write.  I have to wake the kids early for a field trip.  Oh yeah, and I slept all the way until 6: glorious sloth.  I’ve enjoyed waking up really early for the last couple of days: drinking coffee with impunity.

The weather has been beautiful, not too hot, warm and sunny.  Two days ago I rode into Manhattan and bought sneakers.  I went down through Brooklyn and took the Manhattan Bridge in and then came back over the Williamsburg Bridge.  I would have been quicker if I took the W’Burg both ways, but I really like the ride between the bridges by the Navy Yard.  I made it to SoHo in 45 minutes and back over the W’Burg in about 35 minutes. 

If I have time I’ll try to calculate the distance, which I’m curious about.  It was my own Tour de France because I had to make it back to Sunnyside for the third installment of my root canal (a dreary 75 minutes of grinding a dead tooth and molding the holes).  I did a quick calculation of the mileage on and it came out to almost 15 miles, and since I shortcut my peregrinations through SoHo, I’ll call it a safe 15 miles.  Glorious.

Riding Double in Brooklyn

I also got a couple of great photos by the Navy Yard (which I haven’t actually looked at yet) of a couple riding double on a bike.  It was really cute, she on her cell phone on the back, sidesaddle. 

I also saw a drag-queen/transvestite with a flowing asymmetrical chiffon pantsuit (half hot-pants half floor-length: all see-through).  A black man, he had a cute little bob of pressed hair: flaw-less.  But he had a beard that was so think and bushy that Popeye’s Brutus.  Amazingly beautiful.

Speaking of the Tour de France, I have to say it is like a slow motion car-wreck. I am terribly sad about the events of this year’s tour.  I just want to say that none of the American Sports (MLB/NFL/NHL/etc) would be available to continue under the regime of WADA.

 Kiko will be here tomorrow, I think.


3 responses to “Two Borough Tour

  1. Great Jeopardy answer: ubiquitious
    Question: What are cellphones?

    I’m reading piecemeal, not having gone back to the beginning. I’m enjoying the emergence of the characters. Me gusta. Gracias.

  2. Thanks FJ
    I’ll keep working

  3. heya SG, so good to see your comment on P i l l o w b o o k.

    intrigued by the bike fiction and likewise saddened by the lackluster Tour this year. the dopers are everywhere in every sport, as you mentioned, but it’s the cyclists who test most stringently. hopefully the race can go back to past heights of glory without the weird science.

    wonder if the upcoming winter and summer olympics will see the same scrutiny?

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