But Wait: There’s More!

Yesterday, on Independence Day, we all walked down to Big Six. The strangest thing about the walk was how much Chandler loved the place. I guess she’s a sucker for the Le Corbusier “Tower and Gardens” motif. The think I am least pleased about the place is that self-same design. I love cities as they’ve ever been. The closeness of buildings set close to streets, to me, gives life a human scale. The width of a street, with a vanishing point off in a single direction, lined with windows and people, is the maze that this rat is familiar with. Since the Mesopotamians first started congregating to trade what the farmers brought to town, a percentage of our species has been living this way.


There are, of course, the farmers and “woodsmen” who stayed outside the city walls and felt more comfortable in nature. Chandler with her suburban Californian start is imprinted with this aesthetic (if not the actual lifestyle). She has never been terribly comfortable in New York, even leafy Sunnyside. Granted the Le Corbusier “Tower and Gardens” style is pure pastiche (as is suburban California), but Chandler has bonded with this aesthetic.


We walked in and immediately identified it as like Smythe-Fernwald (which at ground level is somewhat resembles). I think, as we walked in there off of the “Boulevard of Death” her heart-rate decreased 10 BPM and some color came to her cheeks. Mason, Lennox and Chandler immediately ran down a grassy hill (towards the base of a tower) and started speculating if it was steep enough to roll down. They played in one of the two playgrounds speculating about whether it was ever crowded, contrasting the structure with other parks in Sunnyside. To them it was a boon that is was empty.

We spent the better part of an hour there (because of Lennox’s refusal to leave the swings) and saw kids playing on the grass as we enjoyed the quiet. It would be an adjustment to move there, but I am always afraid in faux natural settings (too many bushes for perps to hide behind). During the day, however, it was just as billed, a quiet and open environment (at the foot of seven obelisks). We haven’t seen the flat that we’d qualify for yet, but right now the pendulum has swung towards acceptance.


But Wait: There’s More!

Linda was on the internet and she found two very interesting sites. The first was a Blog by the President of the CO-OP board of Big Six. There is a lot of bad news there, like NO DOGS, and rent/fee increases because of a scandal. There’s also a message board with the usual suspects airing their disgruntled views of the place, management, neighbors and the like. So all of these factors have pushed Linda and I away from the savings and Chandler’s love of the environmental pastiche, or at least sobered our view.


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