Notorious MSG Delivered


I took Mason to his first concert last night. It is an awful thing for a father to infect his child’s future concert going with a show with his hopelessly out-of-touch-father. I did it anyway, and I will now, forever, haunt every show he goes to as a young person, man and consumer of culture.

Early in the evening, seeing me bob my head to the tasty beats, he suggested that I not do “that.”


“That rocking your head back and forth thing, Dad.” He thought a minute as I stifled my appreciation of the Asian Three Stooges of Rap. “And if you move your shoulders or stand up,” looking over at me seriously, “I’m going to leave.”


By the end of the night Mason Scott Gregoire (MSG), The Notorious MSG and I had all reached accommodation, as you can see above. These Brothers are funny. The songs were funny and off color. When they had all of the audience shouting “Pimp-It,” I couldn’t help but smile. In spite of the sound system distorting their “Chinatown accents,” a great time, and many thoughtful laughs were enjoyed. Their range was wide, including Down-Lo Mein’s singing of “Dim-Sum Girl” his touching ballad about the woman behind the cart in her sweet white uniform. He did, as promised “get Lionel Rich_ on our asses.”

Mason pointed out that “Hong Kong Fever” (The Ring Leader) does not have a bowl-cut, as I called it, but that the kids at PS150Q call it a “Mushroom-cut.” It is like some sort of fungus sprouting out of bad parenting, clippers and home-cut-hair. Speaking hair styles I thought that Down-Lo Mein, the “Yellow Gigolo’s” permed Gerry-Curl mullet channeled Easy E and Chris Rock in CB4 nicely. The Hunan Bomb, “The killing Machine,” is not the stoner-type that his coif would suggest. He was active, witty and tall when we met him after the concert.

I had a great time with the “Chinatown Hustlers” and my son.


7 responses to “Notorious MSG Delivered

  1. I haven’t experienced a concert with the girl yet, but I have walked in on her crooning into an imaginary microphone into the mirror, only to be shooed away angrily.
    And I have embarrassed her mightily in front of her friend already.
    Her dad and I can’t wait until she’s 14….we’re gonna have contests to see who’ll embarrass her worse.

  2. Embarrassing them is easier each second. As the hormones flow we are shoved aside. The trick is to not haze them with our old timey ways of relating. There’s an inverse proportion in there somewhere. If you could see the deadpan delivery Mase gave as he said “I’m leaving,” you’d have cracked up. He’s the good, pre-hormonal kid. Chandler’s great, but she needs more privacy, space, and respect than ever.

  3. that picture is the awesomeness.

  4. We had a blast. It was the perfect (pre-)antidote to the Dingling Brothers Circus that we went to the next day. I would write more on The Notorious MSG, but their ironic form of humor is hard to transmit in my dry-assed prose. (Would I appear as a well meaning bigot if threw up my own irony?)

  5. hydrobromic amboceptor falerian propagandistic penetratingly nonplushed nonchronological taenidium

  6. tell them to kiss my ass (•_•)

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