Pinky Promise


Pinky Promise


Two Thumbs (up)



2 responses to “Pinky Promise

  1. lennox is abso beautiful,and both lily and olivea still look at me sometimes with sort of a sad face or a horrified expression as we near the door,their eyes zeroing in on my hat or shoes or whole outfit.”you’re not going to wear that outside are you?”ah well i love them both and i laugh and sometimes i feel really old.the concert sounds like fun.i miss seeing love to everyone XXOleisa

  2. We are like Kryptonite to their “superkid-dom:” We give them life, we are the planet from which they spring, and then we become poison, which they must shun to survive as unique and intact souls. Sigh
    Chandler is so strong that I don’t worry about her. Lennox and Mason are caught in a fantasy world these days (they are Pokemon Trainers).
    We all went to Dingling Brothers’ Circus today. An orgy of excess that everyone loved. I wish I had the energy to write of it.

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