Broken Glass Everywhere…

Auto Glass Signage

Yesterday When Linda was going to start the day by dropping off Lennox at Daycare in the car (as big an incentive as it is a pain in the ass), she discovered that our car had been hit and the read window blown out. Grrr. We didn’t know when it had happened and I was already at work so I put it off ’til the end of the day. I took Lenore, the English Department secretary’s suggestion and I went out to Flushing. I had cased some places with the yellowpages, but was immediately seduced away from them by a place that quoted me $20 more, installed. They did a great job (and this is NOT their signage), and they even offered to fix the mirror that I have duct-taped together.

So I spent an hour and a half wandering around Flushing’s Junkyards with my camera.


Oh the things that I saw/The cold that I felt/As I wandered along/The Flushing pre-smelt // The cars were all wrecked/Bumpers in Seats/In garbage bedecked/Cold wind beats

So much for my attempt at impromptu Seussian poetry.


I’ll try to include some photos of the world under the LaGuardia Flight Plan.


It was amazing how much “inventory” there was there. There were huge trucks taking out the unsalable remnants after all the value was resold to people like me. There were hundreds of cubic meters of everything from alloy wheels to car-mirrors (no silver, so I didn’t get one yet). Even after 5 on a Friday most of the places were still grinding out value from the wrecked and abandoned cars of Central Queens (the Tri-State Area).


The next time your car is messed up, check it out rather than buying new! As Bob the Builder says to Lennox everyday “Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!”

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