Reading Invisible Man

Behind Queen of Angels

Re-reading Invisible Man is  an adventure.  The more that I understand the more that I can’t follow it.  I am shocked that I still want the goals of “the narrator as a  young man.”  I  feel like he should have  stayed on the highway and not visited Trueblood and then he wouldn’t have needed to go to the “Golden Day.”   I want him to succeed in the limited way that “the founder” intends, even though I know that his would then be just a bourgeois bildungsroman instead of the great work of literature that it is.  That is its genius, that it gets you to hope for, root for, and want what the narrator as a young, shortsighted, man wants.

In the Golden day I noticed this passage that sounds like a poem:

belief that my knowledge could

bring me dignity not wealth

only dignity-and other men health (93)


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