Snow Night Calculations



SO out they went after homework. Where I saw only slush they found the makings of snowmen and the lasting memories of youth. The met Seamus, the Irish boy from down the block and they had mad fun. The kids made giant snowballs and putting spikes on each of them when they realized they were too big to lift. They made a snowman and three other snowballs that were two big to lift on each other (since they were actually slush). I tried to lift one, and all I managed to do was wrench my back and soak my gloves. As Chandler tried to explain:

Volume = 4/3 x pi x r (cubed)

And if water weighs 8.33 pounds per gallon, and the diameter was 2.5 ft, well, we’re talking weight worthy of post-Taliban Afganistan.

Though Chandler came back and uncharacteristically voluntarily changed out of her soaking wet clothes, it was with a sense of satisfaction that only good outdoor play provides. They ate the meal I made for them without any re-negotiation, and there were no leftovers.


One response to “Snow Night Calculations

  1. C. thinks that this makes her sound like a nerd. It is just pround parent hyperbole and wish-fulfillment.

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