These Foolish Things

A dear friend, whom I offended with my irreligious blather, liked my “arresting image” of the traffic light, LaGuardia and the Queens State Correctional facility framing the Empire state Building. I tried to print out a blow up of it, but it is too small an image because it was a detail of the original photo.

Arresting Image

I guess this means that I need to get and use a better camera. My little coolpix is great because I can throw it in my pocket, but its lens is too small and though I have mad-megapixels, it really can’t zoom in too well. I found a website that instructs you how to do a cool trick with photoshop, make it look like the subject is jumping out of the photo, I can’t seem to do it because I really have a lot to learn about photoshop. Also all the instructions are for this other photo-editor GiMP that is a free download. My computer is such, clogged with photos and music, that I’m reluctant to download anything to it.

One of the photo-collages that I really must make, and an essay (or poem or PowerPoint) that I want to write is about all of the storefront churches, temples, mosques and sites of worship that populate this neighborhood. The idea is that “Queens is zoned for God,” since so many defunct businesses turn into storefront (warehouse, garage, diner) churches, that cater to the spiritual yearnings of the
Western Queens community.

Zoned for GodMasjid by the Soccer Store

I guess that what I’m saying is that I’ve got lots of ideas, but not enough time or energy to really get them all done. I’m going to throw up a few images a day and comment on them here. I guess that I’ll bounce them to my Flickr (or Picasaweb) site too so that they are easier to see. (This all takes time that I am stealing from my diss and professional life).

Woodside, Queens, NY


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