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Independence Day

26. “Independence Day”/
A bloodless simulacrum/
Of revolution/

27. Liberty’s freedom/
Requires the diversity/
That allows greatness/

28. Accepting others/
As they see themselves creates/
Free Americans/

29. Freedom’s true greatness:/
Equality before law/
(Free from OPINION)/

30. My equality/
Erases historical/
Privilege of wealth/

31. Freedom is diverse/
Allowing independence/
For everybody/

32. Our diversity/
Is unimaginable/
To ideologues/

Bathroom Selfies

1. Bathroom selfies posed:/
Curves, outfits & confidence/
Performing their youth/

2. Hips, hair and make-up/
Symbolically represent/
The entire woman/

3. Porcelain backgrounds/
Show the austere privacy/
Of working women/

4. Private made public/
Through Instagram’s* devices/
Peek into living/
#haiku *internet’s

5. Lipstick, Eyeshadow/
Women’s painted abstractions/
(Displaying their craft)/

6. Metallic rainbow/
Arched over the Soul’s window/
Competing beauties/


7. Windows to the soul/
Staring into a smartphone/
Shared around the world/

8. Iris and pupil/
Take in the light’s emissions/
While showing the soul/

9a. Painted eye sockets/
Highlight, distract, camouflage/
The windows to soul/

9b. Painted eye sockets/
Highlight, distract, camouflage/
Nature’s true beauty/

10. Brightly painted lips/
The close up of consumption/
Meant for consumption/

11. The abstract beauty/
Of a woman’s components/

12. Each photographed part/
Belongs to a living soul/
We must remember/

13. Souls display their shells/
Reasons known only to them/
We mustn’t pre-judge/

14a. Articulating/
Self on digital highway/
Is impossible/

14b. Articulating/
Self on digital highway/
Is quite difficult/

15a . Internet’s reduced/
All humans to simple Memes/
Stand-ins for ourselves/

15b. Internet’s reduced/
Humans into mere icons/
Stand-ins for ourselves/

16. Bathroom self-portraits/
Reduce us to visible/
Components of life*/
#haiku *self

Contented Sonnet


Contented Life Sonnet II

I have scaled the dizzying heights in life/
Where style’s premiums don’t matter/
Enjoying simple pleasures with my wife/
Make youth’s sweet conquests trite anti-matter/

Garish achievement of modern excess/
Burnished by wealth & youth’s pneumatic curves/
Are distractions, mere possessions tasteless:/
Undermining dignity and reserve/

Life’s simple common everyday pleasures/
Companionship, comfort, community/
Are destroyed by modern drastic measures:/
(Disgusting excess’s impunity)/

So I will enjoy what I’m enjoying/
Though to wanton desire it’s annoying/

Contented Life Sonnet

I’ve attained the high plateau in life/
Where style’s premiums don’t matter/
Enjoying simple pleasures with my wife/
Make youth’s competition seem like blather/

Garish achievement of modern excess/
Burnished by wealth & pneumatic youth’s curves/
Those distractions, of possessions tasteless,/
From the straight and narrow will make you swerve/

Life’s simple psychological pleasures/
Companionship, comfort, community/
Are consumed by modern drastic measures/
(Disgusting excess’s impunity)/

So I will enjoy what I’m enjoying/
Though to consumerism:* annoying/

10a. I wrote a sonnet/
On middle aged contentment/
Because I’m happy/

10b. I wrote a sonnet/
On middle aged contentment/
To convince myself/

Valentine Mine

2/14/13 ❤

2. On valentines’ day/
We try to live up to Love/
But my love’s too big/

2b. On valentines’ day/
We try to live up to Love/
No THING could show love/

2c. On valentines’ day/
I try to deserve your Love/
But I’m unworthy/

2d. On valentines’ day/
We try to live up to Love/
But love is too big/

3. The “miracle you”/
Made me the man that I am/
I am so grateful/

4. We are an alloy:/
Alone just Copper & Tin/
Together we’re bronze/

4b. Linda & Stafford/
Alone just Tin & Copper/
Together we’re bronze/

5. Linda Pragmatic/
Stafford too aromatic/
Miracle children/

6. Children, don’t chase Love/
In its icky human form/
Real LOVE’s not mere “cute”/

7. Love is the beauty/
That human eyes cannot see/
Only hearts* know love/
#haiku *souls

8. Love is pure sweetness/
A dark flavor so sublime/
No tongue can enjoy/

8b. Love is pure sweetness/
A dark flavor so sublime/
Mortals taste heaven/

9. Love is pure vision/
Seeing beyond physical/
To beauty itself/

10. Love is sonic joy/
The music of creation/
Played aloud for you/

11. Loving you transforms/
Moments into eternities/
Of pure happiness/

12a. Our lusts have become/
Disposable fantasies/
Dreams meant for instants/

12b. Desire and lust are/
Disposable fantasies/
Dreams meant for instants/

13. Hottie cards expire/
After time foeveryone/
Except our belov’d/

14. Beauty’s brief shelf life/
Often expires in-noticed/
Though always observed/


Sledding in Woodside Queens 2013

35. Sledding in Woodside/
With the people of the world/
Human gravity/


50. The snowy hillside/
In Woodside’s Doughboy playground/
Is peppered with fun/

51. Here Colombians/
Bengalis, Tibetans as/
Americans slide/

52. Snowy experience/
ReCaptured digitally/
Are sent to tropics/

53. iPad made movies/
Of happy Americans/
Are sent far away/

54. Woman with hijab/
Gucci covered iPad films/
Her smiling children/

55. Korean father/
Roars down the tree covered hill/
Ecstatically loud/


56. Mexican fam’ly/
Unloads children & their sleds/
Then tackle papí/

57. Americans all/
We enjoy democracy/
Of our acceptance/

36. Sledding with children/
Overshot my playfulness/
Collided with age/

37. Clenching rope handles/
Spinning beyond all control/
Damaged ring finger/

38. Regretting my ride/
Because I injured myself/
Shows a lack of faith/

39. Staying young inside/
More important than safety/
For immortal* souls/
#haiku *eternal

40. Aging bodies recede/
To within our comfort zone/
Abandoning youth/

41. Aches and troubles/
Of old immaturity/
Are truly priceless/

42. Youthfulness’s worth/
Though dangerous to old men/
Keeps their spirits fresh/

43. Adventure’s value/
Is an internal journey/
Exploring within*/
#haiku *our souls

44. The pains in my body/
Temporarily remind/
My mind I’m alive/

45. This throbbing finger/
Beats the rhythm of my heart/
Where I can feel it/

46. I regret nothing/
Because I’m educated/
By experience/

47. While I don’t like pain/
It reminds me I’m alive/
Here to live for now/


48. Wedding tourniquet/
The ring keeps my red blood in/
The heart of my life/

49. Ring’s Symbol becomes/
An active agent in life/
I cherish it so/


Thinking of Beauty

22a. Looking at beauty/
Erases people’s human selves/
Obscuring their truths/

22b. Seeing physical/
Obscures the emotional/
That governs the self/

22c. Physical beauty/
Obliterates strength & will/
That really matter/

22d. Insecurity/
& invisible Desire/
Create who we are/

23. Truth wakes up alone/
Accepts who we really are/
Let’s us try again/

24. Physical beauty/
Only matters publicly/
Alone we just are/

25. When I was lovely/
I wish I knew how little/
It mattered inside/

26. People who admire/
Only the outward beauty/
Are hiding from life/

27. Life’s truest beauty/
Simply draws another breath/
To live well today/

28. The majestic view/
Should make us look deep inside/
At what creates it/

29. The landscape “out there”/
Only matters when we look/
With romantic eyes*/
*with our souls through eyes/

30. So watch yourself look/
And see your application/
Of beauty to “things“/

Fading In

28a. Reinvent each day/
Find each moment’s novelty/
To enjoy your life/

28b. Reinvent yourself/
Find each moment’s novelty/
To enjoy your life/


Suspended in Now

11. Visit principal/
Over our suspended son/
Angry at school, boy/

12. Defiance conforms/
To the personalities/
Confined by the rules/

13. Supporting your child/
Sometimes means backing his school/
‘Gainst his righteousness/

14. Resent procedure/
Of institutional might/
Still we require rules/

15. Lines between “Ego”/
& organization’s needs/
Blurred by insecure/

16. Rules offer guidelines/
But can be crude instruments/
When Ego’s involved/

17. Papers need grading/
Though some students aren’t learning/
No matter the score/

18. My Ego’s involved/
My prejudices stirred up/
Obedience rules/

19. Accepting the rules/
From both sides of equation/
Will repress* Ego/
#haiku *stifle

20. Life is a blessing/
That is too hot to contain/
In neat containers/

21a. Suspended in Now/
We struggle with G_d’s agar/
That keeps us alive/

21b. Suspended in Now/
We submit to G_d’s agar/
That keeps us alive/

Love & Hate Haikus

17c. Love is Infectious/
Optimism’s Contagion/
Incubates in me/

17d. Life is Infectious/
Optimism’s Contagion/
Gestates within me/

17a. Love is Infectious/
A contagion of red hope/
Splattered on the world/

17b. Love is Infectious/
Optimism’s Contagion/
Invading our world/

18a. Hate is a learned skill/
Taught to maintain privilege/
That might not be fair/

18b. Hate is a learned skill/
Taught to maintain privilege/
That people enjoy/

18c. Hate is a learned skill/
Taught to keep the privilege/
Entitled prefer/

Ending at the Start

The year ends boldly/ Exactly where it began/ I hope you were moved/ #haiku

I want to take a break from FB & Instagram (& Twitter?). Starting next year, tomorrow, I will not be a FaceBook presence. I want to be less present in all my digital social media. I really want to be looking at my iPhone less. However, I like to hear what others are thinking, saying, seeing, and doing. Strangely, I do consider my FB friends, “friends.” So what I hear of you, whether the LaGuardia student from years ago, friends from Copley Square HS, the decade I spent at Hunter College and my California Graduate School sojourn, I really do want to hear what you’re up to. But I can’t seem to keep this “right sized:” I look too often, and I don’t think I can rein it in any other way than taking a hiatus from Facebook.
I find the process of being a Facebook Citizen (which is to say digital citizen: Twitter, Instagram and Twitpics all belong here) fragmenting. I think my mania with haiku is a perfect sign of it.

Haiku are poems/
In A.D.H.D. Format:/
Quickly completed/

In this digital format I get the germ of the poems and ideas down but I never return to savor the thoughts as long as the desire to check and publish so instantly. (HMMMM, I think I just talked myself out of keeping twitter, which I was hoping to just post with, along with my blogs todayeye and wqueens7 [which publish on FB].)

   Instead of immediately posting everything I think I would like to write on paper and think about what I’ve written a bit longer before I share them with the world.
The other thing is that I want to spend more time looking at books and the world. I realize that I have probably spent an entire day or more waiting for things to load while I was trying to see how you were doing, where you were, or what you saw (your pictures, poems and check-ins [Foursquare is another one to drop!]). I walked into a room over the holidays and I was confronted with a number of people looking down at their phones, some were still talking to the people closest to them, but I was struck by the oracular nature of the smartphones. People were looking into them like Narcissus into the pond.
So I think I will try to spend the first weeks of the year off of Facebook and Instigram and Twitter and post on my blog when I really need to say something. This is just my first cry for help, let’s see how it works.

-Finally, I want to spend less time looking at my phone, even though you are hidden in the digital folds and I AM INTERESTED in you.
-I want to spend less time trying to capture my moments in haiku to share with you instantly, you’ll do fine without my constant barrage of “poems.”[1]
-I want to hear from people in a more personal form. So I will be trying to write more letters and postcards to those of you whom I do contact. The act of sitting down with paper and pen pleases me to no end. You are worth it. I would love to get a letter from you. You can write me at work if you don’t know my postal address:
Stafford Gregoire
LaGuardia Community College
31-10 Thomson Ave., E103
Long Island City, N.Y.


[1] I still don’t consider haiku “real” poems. I like their efficiency, but they don’t rise to the level of Emily Dickinson and Theodore Geisel.